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A comprehensive checklist to organize your year-end tasks and wrap up your close. Better, smoother and faster!

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A comprehensive guide for accountants and bookkeepers.

5 productivity apps that every business must try!

5 productivity apps that every business must try!

5 productivity apps for business

1. ClickUp:

It is an ultimate task-management solution that helps in scheduling and tracking tasks' current status. With ClickUp managing our schedules, we can better manage our teams and individual tasks. When the teammates are well aware of what is on your plate, a better estimate of availability can be made and tasks can be assigned accordingly. It keeps the team organized and structured.

Clickup is a part of our daily routine. It keeps our teams aligned, on the same page, despite different demographics.

Try now -

2. Clover:

Clover serves as a backup for our thoughts. Every time an idea or something spontaneous comes to your mind, you can jot it down. It's an excellent application for taking notes and mind mapping. You can also add due dates, color-coding, and status all alongside your notes. It's a great management tool from the beginning till the end of work.

Remember the times when you forgot about a brilliant idea or discovered a new process for the same tasks? That ain't happening. With Clover, you'll never lose an idea. Yay!

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3. Slack:

Slack is an all-time communicator. Whether it's customer support, regular catch-ups, or client communications, Slack keeps us connected.

With a variety of ways to communicate, for instance, direct messages and channels, slack brings people together to work as one unified team. We can better manage our teams by forming groups with multiple agendas and having easy-to-follow conversations over Slack. It's one of the best applications out there for regular business communication.

Begin your journey:

4. OSlash:

Since Safari couldn't handle my long list of bookmarks!😉 Oslash came into the picture. It's an easy shortcut to access all your important URLs in understandable names in one place. Transform long URLs into simple shortcuts for you and your team. So you can navigate through work — in an instant. It's delightfully easy to recall the important list of URLs that you might have saved.

Try it out:

5. Loom:

For someone who doesn't like lengthy explanations, Loom is a saviour for swift communication.

It's literally as simple as they say:-Show it, Say it, Send it

It's super easy to film the screen while you record yourself. This way, one can create simple videos to instruct coworkers or colleagues and guide them through different processes without scheduling a meeting. Training is tenfold easier with live screen recordings accessible on any device. A superb tool for hybrid workplaces.

Let's get started -

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