Auto-detect errors in a blink of an eye

Switch from an ordinary to an extraordinary way of reviewing books.

Why review with Xenett!

Auto-detect errors effortlessly

Quickly detect errors, and inconsistencies in your books using 50+ AI-based data checks, save valuable time and eliminate manual efforts.

GL misclassification

Duplicate entries

Uncategorized transactions

Entries posted to the parent account

Missing entries

Review process
Review process

Fix the errors with ease

Streamline the error-fixing process by quickly reclassifying and fixing bulk transactions, ensuring your books are always accurate.

Create your own custom review points

Every client is unique, custom review points let you create your review points for each client based on their unique business needs.

Bills without attachment

Fixed asset purchases less than $2000

Office expenses of more than $2000

Possible prepaid expenses

Review process

Offload the review tasks to bookkeepers,
allowing reviewers to focus on value-adding services

Get Started

Just tap to edit

Tap the entry you want to edit and with just one click, edit without losing track of your progress.

A little suggestion?

With automation, now get relevant suggestions while fixing uncategorized transactions and GL inconsistencies that make the process quick!

Ledger at your fingertips

With a smart search, quickly pull up the ledger for vendor, customer or GL on the go!

Flexibility to build how you review

With 25 default templates, choose your customizable review points based on the client's special requirements.

Configure your data with rules

Set up accounts to your vendors and prevent inconsistencies while reviewing.

The advantages that you enjoy!


AI Checks

The new way of reviewing books is using automation! With 50+ AI checks, no errors go undetected.



With a 99% accuracy in auto-detecting errors in the books. You can rely on our automation to have your back!


Faster Reviews

With automation and seamless collaboration, review books faster like never before!

Review Checklist for Month and Year-end Close Process

Stay ahead of the game with our ultimate review checklist designed to enhance your month-end and year-end close processes.

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