A faster, smarter way to fix errors instantly within QuickBooks & Xero

A brilliant Chrome extension that lets Xenett work inside your QuickBooks and Xero

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Xenett works where you work

The paradigm shift in your accounting operations

Be ahead of the risks with XenettGO: your ultimate QuickBooks & Xero cloud accounting add-On. Get notified with real-time errors and gain valuable insights with accurate numbers on the go.
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Real-time error fixing

Discover and rectify all potential errors in your books immediately after completing the bookkeeping process.

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Plug and play

Easily install the XenettGO Chrome browser extension and enhance the quality of your books.

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No more toggling

With its powerful functionalities, XenettGO eliminates the hassle of toggling between multiple platforms.

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Empower your team

Empower your team to seamlessly transition from preparer to reviewer with error alerts within the accounting books.

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XenettGo: The ultimate game changer

XenettGo is the secret weapon you need, believed to be the first of its kind for QuickBooks and Xero add-ons.

Avoid settling for mediocrity when you can excel with XenettGo. Take control of your workflow, eliminate errors in real time, and maximize your productivity. No more tedious manual checks or endless toggling between multiple apps. Instead, manage every accounting task at a single platform, streamline your operations, and uncover valuable hours to focus on growing your practice.

Frequently asked questions

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What is XenettGO?

XenettGo is a game-changing Chrome extension of Xenett.  XenettGO lets the Xenett app work inside QuickBooks and Xero, eliminating the need to switch between the apps. The navigation between your accounting software and Xenett is quite seamless.

Who can use XenettGO?

XenettGO is available for people with a Xenett subscription.

Where can I use XenettGO?

You can use XenettGO within QuickBooks and Xero accounts with the Chrome browser extension.

How will I benefit from XenettGO?

XenettGO gives you error alerts in real time within your accounting books. It helps you reduce time and enhance accuracy in your accounting operations. Also,  XenettGO simplifies the month-end close, increases reliability, and allows your firm to scale.

Can XenettGO help me save time during the month-end close?

Yes, the XenettGO extension is designed to save time during the month-end close. It significantly eliminates the manual efforts of the error detection process during the month-end close.

Is XenettGo a different product from Xenett?

No, XenettGO is not a different product; It is a brilliant Chrome extension that lets Xenett work inside your QuickBooks and Xero.

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