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Xenett’s reporting feature screenSales snapshot screenXenett’s reporting feature screenReporting graph icon

Reporting features

Drill into transaction-level details

With Xenett, you can drill down into any GL and see transactions grouped by vendors on a single screen.

Xenett’s reporting feature screen
Xenett’s reporting feature screen

Export reports

Easily export your financials to share with your clients or anyone who may need it.

Instant GL snapshot

Get the collective details of all the transactions made by each vendor in the GL snapshot and quickly identify if there is any inconsistency.

General ledger snapshot screen

Elevate the reporting process to new heights

The modern approach to gaining comprehensive visibility from intuitive reports

Quickly view the status & explanation

Instantly view GL Rec and review the status and any explanation left on that GL, so you can have all the information required to better understand to review the respective GL in your financials.

Xenett’s reporting feature screen
Xenett’s reporting feature screen

Financial reporting

Generate a comprehensive financial report quickly and easily view the company's profit and loss statement, balance sheet, and aging reports to make informed strategic decisions.

Operational reporting

Get insights about estimated vs. actual time spent on tasks, perform capacity planning, and monitor overdue tasks in real-time.

Time log screen

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