Sprint through the Close Process Marathon

This is what you need to revamp the close process.

Why Close with Xenett!

Dashboard to track the close status

Effortlessly keep track of your close status with just a glance at the organized dashboard. Stay updated about your work strategy with ease. No more sifting through endless spreadsheets, wondering where you left off or what you need to do next.

Close process

Link workpapers

Eliminate the hassle of juggling between multiple spreadsheets and documents. Easily attach supporting workpapers and respective document links to the GL Rec in one convenient spot.

Ask questions to your staff and clients

No more endless emails or calls back and forth. Comment internally and address a specific person in your team for a quick resolution. Get quick resolutions to any client questions or concerns.

Close process

Reconciliation discrepancy

Receive instant alerts when any changes are made to GL Recs you've already reconciled and signed off on.

A paradigm shift from doing Month-end close to Real-time close

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Close checklist

Create substeps or review checkpoints for any to-do, making it easier for the team to review.

Time tracking

You can now estimate the time to complete a task and then track the actual time taken effortlessly!


Manage segregation of duties with the built-in preparer and reviewer roles with separate due dates and sign-offs.

Review notes

Add review notes to explain the status of the review points, making the close process transparent, and eliminating manual efforts.

The advantages that you enjoy!

Faster close

With error fixing in real-time, streamlined close workflow, close your books 3x faster.

Better control and accountability

With checklists, sign-offs, and time trackers, get better control and accountability.

Faster Collaboration

With a dedicated client portal and organized question module, now get quick resolutions from your team and client.

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