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Transform the collaboration experience with an innovative platform that streamlines communication and enhances productivity.

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Why Xenett's client portal!

Ask and resolve queries effortlessly

Enjoy faster responses to your queries. Organized and fast, your transactional or non-transactional queries are answered in record time. Say goodbye to scattered mails and chaotic communication.

Missing information on bill copy

Uncategorized transactions information

Financial review-related questions

Client onboarding-related queries

Client portal ask a question feature
Client portal custom branding feature

Custom branding

Customize your user domain with your practice name and logo for an eye-catching appearance and personalized experience for your client. Make your professional accounting practice stand out, and collaborate confidently.

Set auto-reminders

No more back and forth chasing your clients. Set email notification preference and create scheduled/ recurring reminders for each client to ensure you are always up to date with their accounts.

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Mobile responsive platform

Get instant responses from clients no matter where they are. Say goodbye to laptop dependency. With our mobile-friendly platform, your clients can respond to your queries quickly, so you are never waiting for a response again.

Create magic link

Eliminate the hassle of exchanging login credentials with your clients. Quickly create a magic link with or without a password that effortlessly grants your clients access to the client portal.

Xenett client portal feature screen

No more lost and cluttered emails and excels! Easily attach files and get quick responses.

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Voice note

Why type when you can speak? Now you can add voice notes while communicating with your team and clients!

Recurring question

Set recurring questions with customizable frequency. Send recurring questions to your clients with automation.

Draft question

Draft questions enables you to review and edit the questions your junior staff have for your clients.

Private question

Safegaurd your privacy by sending questions privately without the involvement of the whole team.


One click equals one question with snippets! You can now create your own snippets and save on precious time!

The advantages that you enjoy!

Automate the routine

Automate follow-up emails and recurring questions with customizable frequency.

Enhance client engagement

Get super fast responses with a mobile-friendly portal, allowing on-the-go responses.

Elevate your brand

Use the custom branding feature to create a personalized experience for the client making a lasting impact.

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