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Andrew Royer owner of royer accounting

"It's peak season, and we're glad to have our trustee Xenett. We saved almost 8 days last month reviewing our clients' books and even though it's year-end, our days are surprisingly normal."

Andrew Royer
Owner, Royer Accounting

Karen Kruse owner of yeti books

"It's overwhelming how Xenett is finding errors we never thought we could make and has improved the quality of our books. Brownie points to their customer support, who respond super quick."

Karen Kruse
Owner, Yeti Books

Paul Burns owner of woodennickel solutions inc

"Having Xenett is almost like having a second set of eyes going through every detail thoroughly and faster than you could have."

Paul Burns
Owner, Woodennickel Solutions Inc.

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Drive practice efficiency

To unify the entire workflow


Extract accurate data at ease. Xenett self-detects and flags inconsistencies and accelerates your pace, making room for value-added services.



Generate accurate, intuitive reports effortlessly with our intelligent clean-up tool and share them in a single click.

client portal

Client Portal

Enjoy enlightening conversations, smarter collaboration, and maximum productivity with Xenett client portal.

Keep your books super accurate

Find errors at your fingertips
Speed Mode
speed mode for accountants

Speed Mode

Enjoy a smooth screening of errors with our intelligent speedmode that categorically defines all your inconsistencies in one place.

client portal

Client Portal

Collaborate easily and effortlessly with clients and resolve queries in an instant. Client Portal keeps you proactive, responsive, and well-connected, without back-and-forth communication.

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Client Portal
xenett xap


From flagging errors to now suggesting corrective actions, level up your accuracy with Xenett XAP, an incredible real-time error-fixing programme.

3 Reasons why you should adopt Xenett

80% Faster close time
Xenett does not wait for the month-end to begin. Review starts as soon as you log into QuickBooks. With Xenett, you can resolve errors in real-time while keeping your books future-ready.
99% Accuracy
Xenett auto-detects and flags your bookkeeping errors based on past trends and historical analysis. Assembling them in one location makes it simpler for you to examine, fix, and extract clean data.
Improve collaboration
Connect one-on-one with your clients, respond, and resolve their queries in an instant. Xenett encourages smooth and effective collaboration with clients to promote healthy, long-term relationships.

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