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Ultimate Karbon Review: 150+ Accountants Experience Analyzed

Ultimate Karbon Review: 150+ Accountants Experience Analyzed

This article is just for you if:

  • You’re an accountant or manage an accounting firm.
  • You're looking for a reliable tool to simplify your work.
  • You want real-world insights from other accountants who have used Karbon.

In this Karbon review, I'll help you to know if Karbon works as advertised or if there are any downsides.

Why should you keep reading this Karbon review?

  • Features Breakdown: I’ll explain what Karbon offers and how it can help you.
  • Pros and Cons: You’ll hear the good and the bad based on actual user experiences.
  • Comparison: We’ll look at how Karbon stacks up against another tool, Xenett.

By the end of this Karbon review, you’ll know if Karbon is the right fit for your firm. 

So, if you’re ready to make your work life easier and more efficient, let’s dive in!

What is Karbon? 

Homepage of Karbon

Karbon is a comprehensive software designed specifically for accounting firms. 

It's a tool that helps you manage everything in one place, including client relationships, workflows, and team collaboration. 

If you have a lot of clients and a big team, keeping track of everything can be tough. 

Karbon understands these challenges and makes your work easier and more efficient by bringing everything together on one platform. 

It also has automation features, so it can handle some tasks on its own, saving you time and effort. 

Plus, it has strong security features to keep your important data safe.

We now know what Karbon is, but what does it do? 

Let’s know the features it offers in detail. 

What features does Karbon offer? 

Here are the features Karbon offer: 

Client Management

This image shows the Client manager features in Karbon

With Karbon, you can keep track of every client you work with. It helps you manage your relationships and make sure you’re giving the best service.

This feature makes your clients happier because you can see everything you’ve done for them and what still needs to be done.

Centralized Knowledge

This image shows the Centralised Knowledge features in Karbon

This feature keeps all the important information in one place so your whole team can see the status of different jobs.

It helps everyone stay on the same page, reducing mistakes and missed deadlines.

Business Analytics

This image shows the Business analytics features in Karbon

Karbon provides data and insights to help you make important decisions and run your firm better.

You can find out where to improve and make decisions based on real data to boost your performance.

Workflow Automation

This image shows the workflow automation features in Karbon

This feature lets you automate boring, repetitive tasks so you can focus on more important work.

It saves time and ensures tasks are done consistently without you having to do them manually.

Project Management

This image shows the project management features in Karbon

Karbon helps you organize your team and manage projects so nothing is forgotten.

It makes sure everyone knows their goals and tasks, keeping the team organized and on track.

Email Management

This image shows the email management features in Karbon

This feature integrates your emails into the workflow, so you don’t miss any important information.

It improves communication and makes sure you can find all relevant information easily.

Team Collaboration

This image shows the team collaboration features in Karbon

Karbon has tools for commenting, tagging colleagues, and sharing task lists to improve teamwork.

It helps your team work better together and ensures everyone is on the same page.

Calendar Integration

This image shows the calendar integration in Karbon

You can connect Karbon with your Google or Outlook calendars to manage your time better.

It helps you schedule meetings and tasks seamlessly, improving your productivity.

Client Portal

This image shows the client portal of Karbon

This feature lets you engage with clients, share sensitive information, and communicate securely.

It enhances client communication and satisfaction by providing a safe and branded way to interact.

Karbon AI

This image shows the AI Features in Karbon

Uses artificial intelligence to automate tasks and improve workflow efficiency.

It makes tasks faster and more accurate, allowing your team to focus on more important work.

Karbon Practice Intelligence

This image shows the Advanced Analytics and Insights in Karbon

Offers advanced analytics and insights specifically for managing your practice.

Gives you a deeper understanding of your operations, helping you make better decisions.

These are the features that Karbon specifically offers, let's take a look at its pros and cons and what real users think of this tool. 

What users like the most about Karbon?

Here are the pros of using Karbon 

Customization and Workflows

This image shows the user review of Karbon in G2

Karbon lets you customise tasks and workflows, which means you can involve different team members in various processes. You can set it up to fit your specific business needs.

This makes the software more flexible and tailored to how your team works.

Email and Task Integration

This image shows the user review of Karbon in G2

Karbon integrates emails with tasks. You can tag emails to specific work items, making it easy to track client communications and related tasks.

This helps you stay organized and ensures nothing gets lost or forgotten.

Task Automation

Karbon can automate tasks like sending client reminders and setting up workflows. This means you don’t have to do repetitive tasks manually.

It saves time and makes sure things are done consistently.

Collaboration Features

Karbon is designed to help your team work together better. You can comment on emails and tasks, tag colleagues, and share task lists.

This improves teamwork and keeps everyone informed.

Client Management

This image shows the user review of Karbon in G2

Karbon helps you manage client onboarding and communication. It keeps track of deadlines and makes sure team members know what’s happening with clients.

This leads to better client service and keeps everyone in the loop.

What users dislike the most about Karbon? 

Here are the cons of using Karbon: 

This image shows the user review of Karbon in G2

Complexity and Setup Time

This image shows the user review of Karbon in G2

Some users find Karbon difficult and time-consuming to set up. The software can be complex, especially for basic workflows.

This can be frustrating if you need to get started quickly and don’t have time to learn a complicated system.

Lack of Key Features

Karbon is missing some important features. For example, you can’t delete emails within Karbon, and it doesn’t support task dependencies like traditional project management software.

This can limit how you use the software and may make it less effective for managing certain tasks.

Performance Issues

This image shows the user review of Karbon in G2

Users report that the search function is slow, and there is a lag in emails appearing in Karbon.

These performance issues can slow you down and make the software less efficient.


This image shows the user review of karbon in G2

Many users think Karbon is expensive. They feel they are paying for features they don’t use.

This can make it a less cost-effective solution for some businesses.

Reporting Limitations

Karbon lacks strong reporting features. Users can’t easily generate reports to track client portfolios or task progress.

This limits how well you can manage and oversee your work.

How much does Karbon cost?

Karbon has three main pricing plans. Each plan is designed for different types of accounting firms, from small practices to large companies. 

Here’s a look at what each plan offers:

This Image show the Pricing of Karbon

Team Plan

  • Cost:
    • $59 per user per month (if you pay yearly)
    • $79 per user per month (if you pay monthly)
  • Who is it for? Small accounting firms that need basic tools for managing tasks and working together.
  • Key Features:
    • Integrated Email: You can manage your emails within the workflow, which makes communication easy.
    • Team Collaboration Tools: You can comment, tag colleagues, and share task lists to improve teamwork.
    • Workflow and To-Do Lists: Basic tools to organize and manage tasks so nothing is missed.
    • Email Triage: Share, assign, and comment on emails with your team to keep communication clear.
    • Client Management: Keep track of client interactions and history with shared contact profiles and timelines.
    • Client Portal: Clients can upload files and comment on tasks, making collaboration easier.
    • Document Management: Automatically store and organize documents related to clients and jobs.
    • Basic Reporting and Insights: Get basic analytics and dashboards to monitor workflows and tasks.
    • Ecosystem Integrations: Connect with essential apps like Gmail and Office 365 to manage data and processes smoothly.

Business Plan (Most Popular)

  • Cost:
    • $89 per user per month (if you pay yearly)
    • $99 per user per month (if you pay monthly)
  • Who is it for? Growing accounting practices that need more advanced features and integrations.
  • Includes Everything in Team, Plus:
    • Automatic Client Reminders: Automatically send reminders to clients, reducing the need for manual follow-ups.
    • Task Automation: Automate routine tasks to save time and ensure consistency.
    • Industry Integrations: Connect with more industry-specific apps to enhance functionality.
    • Time Tracking & Budget Reporting: Tools to track time spent on tasks and projects and manage budgets.
    • Advanced Reporting and Insights: More detailed analytics and reporting to understand performance better.
    • Branded Client Portal: A personalized client portal with your firm’s branding for a professional look.
    • Enhanced Workflow Management: More options for managing work in progress, workflow statuses, templates, and work types.
    • Team Collaboration Enhancements: Extra features like collaboration for teams and sub-teams, and automatic task list generation.

Enterprise Plan

  • Cost: Custom Pricing
  • Who is it for? Large accounting firms that need extensive customization, security, and reporting tools.
  • Includes Everything in Team and Business, Plus:
    • Enterprise Platform: A dedicated platform for large firms with specific needs.
    • Dedicated Karbon Contact: A personal account manager to help streamline workflows and reach your goals.
    • Unlimited Usage Limits: No limits on work items, templates, or contacts, allowing unlimited growth.
    • Customization: Extensive options to customize the software to fit your firm’s processes and needs.
    • Dedicated Data Hosting: Option for hosting your data in a local Azure cloud center for better security.
    • Bulk Data Storage: 100GB of storage per user for data, documents, and reports.
    • Custom Reporting: Access to specialized reports and the ability to export data for detailed analysis.
    • Premium Support: 24/7 priority support with top-tier help and guidance, including unlimited in-app chat and on-request callbacks.
    • Ongoing Training: Regular training sessions and exclusive Q&A with Karbon experts to keep your team up-to-date.
    • Privacy and Permissions: Enhanced settings to manage user access and protect sensitive information.

Let’s take a look at the summary of everything we discussed so far. 

Summary on this Karbon review

What is Karbon?

Karbon is a software for accounting firms to manage client relationships, workflows, and team collaboration in one place. It automates tasks to save time and secures important data.

Key Features:

  1. Client Management
  2. Centralized Knowledge
  3. Business Analytics
  4. Workflow Automation
  5. Project Management
  6. Email Management
  7. Team Collaboration
  8. Calendar Integration
  9. Client Portal
  10. Karbon AI
  11. Karbon Practice Intelligence


  • Customizable workflows
  • Integrated email and task management
  • Task automation
  • Strong collaboration features
  • Effective client management


  • Complex setup
  • Missing key features
  • Performance issues
  • High cost
  • Limited reporting


  1. Team Plan: $59/user/month (yearly) or $79/user/month (monthly)
  2. Business Plan: $89/user/month (yearly) or $99/user/month (monthly)
  3. Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing

#1 Alternative to Karbon - Xenett

If you're looking to make your accounting firm run smoother and keep your financial records spot-on, Xenett is a great alternative to Karbon. 

While Karbon helps you manage tasks and teamwork, Xenett focuses on making bookkeeping super accurate and efficient. 

It helps you spot and fix errors quickly, speeds up month-end closing, and makes working with clients easier.

Let’s know about how both the tools compares: 


  • Xenett: 

Xenett is a financial close software that is all about automating error detection, speeding up month-end closing, and making client collaboration easy. 

It keeps your accounting books accurate and provides real-time reports.

  • Karbon: 

It is a practice management software that helps with workflow automation, team collaboration, client management, and customization to improve efficiency.

Key Features Comparison of Xenett and Karbon

  1. Error Detection and Bookkeeping:some text
    • Xenett:some text
      • Automated Error Detection: Uses AI to find and fix bookkeeping mistakes automatically.
      • Real-Time Fixes: Lets you correct errors right away, keeping your books accurate.
      • Smart Search: Helps you quickly find and fix specific issues.
    • Karbon:some text
      • Task and Workflow Management: Focuses more on managing tasks and workflows, not on finding bookkeeping errors.
      • Integrated Email and Workflow: Keeps email communications within workflows.
  2. Closing Process:some text
    • Xenett:some text
      • Faster Close: Speeds up month-end closing with real-time error fixes and organized workflows.
      • Close Dashboard: Shows the status of reconciliations and closing tasks all in one place.
    • Karbon:some text
      • Workflow Automation: Automates tasks and processes.
      • Time Tracking and Budget Reporting: Helps manage and report on time and budgets.
  3. Collaboration:some text
    • Xenett:some text
      • Client Collaboration: Makes it easy to communicate with clients about missing info and transaction details.
      • Interactive Reports: Share real-time reports with clients for better collaboration.
    • Karbon:some text
      • Team Collaboration Tools: Features like commenting, tagging colleagues, and sharing tasks.
      • Client Portal: A portal for clients to upload files, comment on tasks, and view information.
  4. Integration:some text
    • Xenett:some text
    • Karbon:some text
      • Wide Range of Integrations: Connects with many tools like Gmail, Office 365, Slack, and more.
      • API and Zapier: Connects with over 5,000 apps via Zapier and custom APIs.
  5. Reporting and Analytics:some text
    • Xenett:some text
      • Interactive Reporting: Provides real-time, intuitive reports for client collaboration.
      • Review Notes and Workpapers: Attach workpapers and add notes for thorough reviews.
    • Karbon:some text
      • Custom Reporting: Purpose-built reports and data exports.
      • Business Analytics: Provides insights to guide decisions and improve efficiency.
  6. Task and Project Management:some text
    • Xenett:some text
      • Task Management: Custom fields, recurring tasks, subtasks, checklists, and time tracking.
      • Internal Communication: Commenting and tagging for better collaboration.
    • Karbon:some text
      • Project Management: Aligns team goals and manages projects.
      • Workflow Templates: Creates work from templates and schedules jobs.


  • Xenett:
This image shows the pricing of Xenett
  • Essentials: $6/month per client – includes quality checks and task management.
  • Comprehensive Close: $9/month per client – includes reconciliation, review notes, and a client portal.
  • Add-Ons: Client portal ($1.5/month per client), bulk data management ($2.5/month per client). 
  • Karbon:
This image shows the pricing of Karbon
  • Team Plan: $59 per user per month (billed annually) or $79 per user per month (billed monthly).
  • Business Plan: $89 per user per month (billed annually) or $99 per user per month (billed monthly).
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing for advanced features and support.

How is Xenett better compared to Karbon?

  1. Error Detection and Correction:
This image shows the error detection feature in Xenett
  • Karbon’s Shortcoming: Limited error detection, focusing more on task management.
  • Xenett’s Advantage: Automated error detection using AI, with real-time fixes.

  1. Closing Process Efficiency:some text
    • Karbon’s Shortcoming: General workflow automation, not specialized for month-end close.
    • Xenett’s Advantage: Streamlined month-end close with real-time error
      corrections and organized workflows.

  2. Client Collaboration and Reporting:some text
    • Karbon’s Shortcoming: Basic client collaboration and static reports.
    • Xenett’s Advantage: Interactive reports for real-time client collaboration and seamless communication.
  3. Specialization in Bookkeeping:some text
    • Karbon’s Shortcoming: General practice management with less focus on bookkeeping.
    • Xenett’s Advantage: Tailored specifically for bookkeepers with features for error detection and accurate reviews.accounting
  4. Real-Time Data Accuracy:some text
    • Karbon’s Shortcoming: Periodic updates and manual corrections.
    • Xenett’s Advantage: Real-time accuracy with automatic error detection and corrections.


Thanks for sticking with me through this Karbon review. 

We've covered a lot of ground, from the features Karbon offers to the real-world experiences of over 150 accountants. We've seen the pros and cons and even compared it to Xenett.

So, what’s the verdict? 

Karbon is a powerful tool that can significantly streamline your accounting firm's operations. It centralized client management, automated workflows, and boosts team collaboration. 

However, it has its downsides, like a complex setup and higher costs.

If you're looking for a solution that focuses more on error detection and efficiency in bookkeeping, you might want to consider Xenett. It’s an excellent alternative that can make your accounting process smoother and more accurate.

Ready to explore Xenett? Click here to learn more and see how it can benefit your firm.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this review helps you make the best choice for your accounting firm!

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