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How Xenett Can Help You free up more time while reviewing your accounting books

How Xenett Can Help You free up more time while reviewing your accounting books

Xenett Can Help You free up more time while reviewing your accounting books

Do you get tired of spending hours reviewing your accounting books? You will no longer need to waste time on manual review because we have an intelligent tool that helps you auto-detect errors in your books and saves you hundreds of hours of review time. Let's take a look at how this tool works and how it can help you free up more time while reviewing your accounting books.

We generally reconcile accounts, review journal entries and the general ledger, and review the financial statements while reviewing the books. We check for duplicate transactions, ensure that all transactions are appropriately classified, confirm that all supporting work papers are attached to journal entries, identify anomalous or suspicious transactions, and many other things.

When we perform this task manually, it can be highly stressful and time-consuming. It can get worse as the month-end and year-end close approaches. There may be chaotic scenarios since performing these tasks manually necessitates much juggling between several platforms and team involvement. This is where Xenett comes in, a smart review tool that can help you relieve the load of this.

Let's look at how Xenett works and how it can help you, especially during the busy year-end and month-end close. Consider the following scenario: you haven't reviewed your books in 6 months. There's no need to be concerned when Xenett is on hand to assist you.

Xenett Clean up mode screen

Select the range of the last 6 months and apply. Within a few seconds, Xenett will auto-detect errors in your books. So you can start fixing them. Isn't it fantastic how the manual labor you could have put in for the last 3 months has simply evaporated for your own good? Consider how much time you've just saved. You are now just left with correcting the errors in your accounting books. Xenett uses 50+ AI-based checks to auto-detect errors, which makes it the best clean-up tool to streamline the review process.

Furthermore, Xenett offers a broad range of review points; you can also create custom review points based on numerous parameters such as name, class, location, and more to assure precision and delete unnecessary review points. The following are examples of custom review points.

  • Bills without attachment
  • Possible prepaid expenses
  • Fixed asset purchases less than $2000
  • Office expenses of more than $2000

Now that Xenett supports two-way synchronization, any errors you correct will be directly reflected in your accounting books. You don't need to go edit your Xero or QuickBooks file. As a result, you'll be able to review the accounting records more quickly.

There are additional components of this kind that facilitate your review process. To be more precise, you can customize elements and make your review process as smooth as possible.

The bottom line 

For accountants and bookkeepers searching for a review tool, Xenett is revolutionary. Due to its powerful and customizable functionalities, you have greater freedom to complete the review process ahead of deadlines. You can work more effectively and confidently, knowing that your books are always error-free when you use Xenett.

The excellent accuracy of the books allows you to serve your clients more effectively. Xenett is a valuable tool that you won't regret trying if you really need to speed up the review process and maintain your books clean and compliant. Book a demo call now.

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