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Best Automated Review Tool For Accountants

Best Automated Review Tool For Accountants

Best automated review tool for Accountants

Do you feel the necessity of an effective automated review system?

Do you wish you could access real-time assessments to detect mistakes and inconsistencies?

Do you still juggle between reviewing and analyzing, and comparing different reports?

Well, if yes, then you definitely need a unified solution integrated with the right accounting tool to assess clients’ books in real-time. With the use of a unified solution, it gets simpler to auto-detect errors and ensures books are closed monthly without any delays.

This raises the need for a real-time review system to automatically flag errors and fixes them. An automated review tool helps to provide accountants the flexibility to review within the accounting software to prevent managing several applications. It further leads to preparing accurate and clean books.

Why Xenett is the best review tool for accountants?

Xenett is a software designed for and by accountants to optimize and frame the financial review procedure for QuickBooks Online and Xero. It integrates with software seamlessly, creating a structure that records and reviews the client’s accounts, updates the changes made to integrations, and helps you close your month end on time with quick data retrieval.

When the tool runs, you will see information that reviews entries, trends, balances, reconciliations, transaction counts, and other essential information. It allows you to review and resolve all the queries, check for duplicate entries and entries with no names or unusual ones and finally close the accounts.

All in all, it scans the data and puts all abnormal points together to make it simpler for you to review and resolve them.

Why is it important to automate your reviewing process?

Manual processes take up most of a bookkeeper’s time. Automating your review process eradicates manual procedures to the maximum and gain precise record automatically within no time. The concept of automating the accounting review process is not new. There have been many accounting software that offers assistance to work without manual intervention.

Manual review process is not sustainable :

Using Xenett software can eliminate these errors in bookkeeping by automatically performing these repetitive checks. Modern Xenett tools seamlessly detect discrepancies and anomalies, paving the way for bookkeepers, accountants, and CPA firms to focus on value-added services.

Why Xenett?

Key Features

  • 50+ in-built AI enable review checks
  • Create your own custom review checks
  • Bulk Reclassify transactions
  • Browser Extension - Xenett inside your QuickBooks Online
  • Create Custom Review Checklist for each account
  • Easy collaboration with the Clients, internal team
  • Plug and play - No Configuration needed
  • Smart Search - Fastest way to search

Use Cases

Month End Close

Xenett lets you efficiently close your month 10x faster. Since Xenett catches the errors in real time and lets you fix them right there, you don’t have to do much at the month end.

Year End Finalization

Year-end finalization doesn’t need to be complicated and lengthy. We’ve got your back. Use Xenett to expedite your Year End Closing faster than ever. Create customized checklists, and review points that are specific to the year-end.

Clean-up Jobs

Clean-up jobs are generally perceived as a very time-consuming process. However, no more. Xenett makes it super easy and faster. Xenett lets you choose custom review periods. It not only identifies erroneous transactions but also lets you fix them in bulk.

Diagnostic Review

When you get a new client or lead, you’d want to find out whether the book is in good shape or bad shape. Connect the file with Xenett, which will then diagnose all the transactions and nicely summarize all the issues, that too within seconds. It helps you prepare Diagnostic Report very easily, which you can then share with your clients.

Figure out Quote

Since Xenett lets you find the health of the books, good or bad, it’d make it easy for you to find out how much clean-up work is involved and the estimated number of hours to do so. The dashboard also displays transactions count by Month. All these features make it very easy to determine quotes.

Are you ready for the automated review process?

Xenett is an Intelligent Clean-up Tool that connects with your QuickBooks Online and Xero file and detects all possible errors within seconds.

With Xenett at your disposal, month-end closure or year-end closure is nothing less than a breeze for you. Of course, you have all the time in the world to focus on growing your practice, adding more clients, and offering better services to the existing ones.

It is known to bring :

  • 70% reduction in time for reviewing client files
  • Offers 99% data accuracy
  • Fasten closing time by 80%

As an accountant, what more could you want from a tool? It keeps you updated with a constant flow of real-time information to keep books accurate and offers a seamless experience with your redundant and tedious work.

Here are some signs that reveal that you should adopt Xenett for the automated review process:

  • If you experience many bookkeeping errors, Xenett will help you detect and flag those errors based on its inbuilt AI engine. It scans and brings all the mistakes to one place, making it more straightforward for you to review and rectify them.
  • If you want to expedite your month-end or year-end close, then Xenett will not wait for the month-end or year-end to start. Instead, it will give you reminders to resolve errors and proceed for speedy closure of the books.
  • If you want to streamline your review process, you should indeed adopt Xenett. It helps you avoid any human intervention and simplifies your review process. It standardizes the complete accounting process and makes accounting human independent.

If you’re one of those accountants who are looking for ways to automate their review process then this tool is a must-have for you. Go for it now, and you no longer have to do a manual and cumbersome review process. This is the highest efficiency and ease of use you can derive from an Xenett tool. So, give it a try today and see how it eases your life.

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Cut down your review time by 70%
Clean and Accurate Numbers
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Gain the client’s trust and confidence
Scale Faster

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