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A comprehensive checklist to organize your year-end tasks and wrap up your close. Better, smoother and faster!

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A comprehensive guide for accountants and bookkeepers.

Xenett Takes the Stage at Scaling New Heights 2023

Xenett Takes the Stage at Scaling New Heights 2023

Scaling new heights event

Greetings, fellow accountants! Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey as Xenett takes center stage at the highly anticipated Scaling New Heights 2023 event. Mark your calendars for June 25-28, as this conference promises to be a remarkable gathering of brilliant accounting technologists and accounting professionals from around the world.


Theme: SOAR

Date: June 25-28, 2023

Location: America's Center, 701 convention plaza, st. Louis, MO 63101, United States

Address link: Google Maps

Our booth no: 16

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Scaling New Heights, 2023 aims to unite a diverse group of accounting industry experts, including CFOs, bookkeepers, technophiles, tax whizzes, CPAs, and exhibitors, providing them with invaluable insights into the latest products, innovative solutions, strategies, marketing techniques, education, and networking opportunities.

It is the ultimate platform for reputable companies, financial institutions, and aspiring accounting professionals to enhance their knowledge, expand their network, and explore high-quality accounting products and services, all under one roof. This event has the potential to redefine the way small businesses function by empowering small business advisers to provide their customers with business coaching, technology consulting, financial insights, business coaching, and much more.

Team Xenett is super excited to catch you there. Xenett streamlines review and close processes. Our software can autodetect errors in your accounting books and help you close faster. We believe in leveraging technology advancements to streamline accounting practices. By leveraging our close management tool, you can optimize operational efficiency, embrace automation, and achieve unparalleled scalability, leading to heightened productivity and smarter business decisions. After Xenett's footprints into the accounting field, the month-end and year-end close is no longer hectic. 

Visit us at Booth 16 at the “Scaling new heights 2023” event to witness how Xenett can revolutionize your accounting firm. Our team of experts will be there to provide you with comprehensive information and insights about Xenett. Prepare to be amazed!

Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity! Register for the event today and secure your spot at Scaling New Heights 2023, where the best and brightest in the accounting industry will converge. It is your once-in-a-year chance to soar to new heights alongside industry leaders, gain cutting-edge knowledge, and form invaluable connections.

Situated in the heart of downtown St. Louis on Washington Avenue, America’s Center convention facility offers easy hotel access, tantalizing dining options, captivating attractions, bustling shopping areas, and convenient public transportation. Immerse yourself in the conference while indulging in this lively city's vibrant surroundings. Stay tuned for more electrifying updates and exciting news about Scaling New Heights 2023 as we inch closer to the event.

We can't contain our excitement and can't wait to welcome you there, where Xenett will redefine the boundaries of accounting excellence! May your curiosity guide you through the vast landscapes of knowledge and drive you to us at the event. See you!

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