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A comprehensive checklist to organize your year-end tasks and wrap up your close. Better, smoother and faster!

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A comprehensive guide for accountants and bookkeepers.

A quick preview of Xenett 2.0

A quick preview of Xenett 2.0

Accounting software


We have a fantastic surprise for 2023! The new version of Xenett, Xenett 2.0, is coming, and it will entirely revolutionize the way of doing accounting. Yes, you heard it correctly!

This year we are introducing power-packed new modules that will ultimately redefine how you carry out your critical accounting activities. No longer will Xenett be a platform exclusive to the review and close process - now, it's a full-fledged platform for accountants that makes various critical processes simpler and more united.

Visualize being able to close your books faster, communicate easily with your clients without juggling between apps, better team collaboration, and more - all in one place with Xenett 2.0!

Xenett 2.0 has new modules, engaging features, improved user experience, seamless communication, and better team collaboration. It's more powerful, faster, and more productive than ever before!

We will soon launch Xenett 2.0 in March 2023. Let’s have a quick preview of how this upgrade will create an ecosystem for all your accounting tasks


Xenett eliminates the repetitive reviewing process. Once you sync your cloud accounting software (QuickBooks Online or Xero) with Xenett, our AI-powered system automatically finds errors in your client's books within no time.

Not only that, with our diagnostic review feature, you get an insight into the quality of your client's books, which helps you to understand how messy their books are before you quote your price.

It saves 70% of your review time and streamlines the process while keeping everything tidy and precise. Once you activate XAP mode, it will give you corrective suggestions for the errors found based on past trends and entries. While speed mode brings them together in one place for you to check, correct and obtain accurate data.

Automate your reviewing process with Xenett!

Financial Close

At the end of the year, the close process can be overwhelming and hard to keep up with. However, Xenett 2.0 now makes it easier than ever before to finish your year-end close more effectively and faster.

This feature provides a consolidated view of the reconciliation status, enabling you to keep track of all close-related tasks and their respective deadlines and statuses between the preparer and reviewer.

Additionally, you can upload documents, PDFs, and files to provide support for your reconciliation in a single location.


As an accountant, producing reports is an important job; with the most recent update, You can now generate precise, easy-to-understand reports with no difficulty within the platform.

You can now trust the data you are dealing with and assess financial information effectively while receiving real-time insights and interpretations.

With just one click, you can quickly share the report with your clients with no difficulty. This speeds up the reporting process and ensures that the reports are precise and of top-notch quality.

Client Portal

As an accountant, you must connect with your clients frequently to inquire about any transaction issues or ask to provide the necessary documents. It may be easy to reach out to them, but have you ever obtained their feedback on time?

You may have been fortunate sometimes, but other times you might have had to wait for hours or even days.

It's not only about the slow responses but how time-consuming it can be! That's when the Client Portal comes in to save the day.

It provides a smooth platform and easy navigation that enables you to collaborate effortlessly with your clients, ask transactional and non-transactional questions, share files and documents, and solve problems quickly.

With the Client Portal, there won't be any hustle, delays, email trails, or chasing after your clients. It keeps you proactive without having to go back and forth.

Internal Communication

Team collaboration plays a very vital role in any company to deliver the best outcome possible, and been in the accounting industry, working with end number of clients, dealing with countless transactions while constantly communicating with clients.

It is then very essential to have proper internal team collaboration and communication to keep everyone updated on important things.

With Xenett Internal communication, you don't have to use separate applications such as Teams, Slack, or Emails to connect with your team. Communicate seamlessly while carrying out all your accounting activities on the same platform.

This platform also lets you store and track all your internal notes and queries in one place. Xenett 2.0 provides the best team collaboration experience ever.

Task Management

Xenett 2.0 presents task management system that will make the process of managing tasks simpler and easier. Users no longer have to use other applications to manage and keep track of tasks assigned to their teams.

Task Management within Xenett 2.0 makes it simple and productive for you and your team. Additionally, you can create templates for all your repeating tasks and set them on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly premise, so you don't have to make those tasks again and again.

With features like timing tracking, custom labels, and custom field capacity, you can remain on top of the team and individual tasks.


Xenett 2.0 has created a system that simplifies, accelerates, and optimizes accounting tasks, thus saving you time, energy, and money. We hope you can join us for the grand unveiling of Xenett 2.0 and leave with an ideal platform for all your accounting needs. The Xenett 2.0 was launched on March 21st 2023, Click here and check out what's next at Xenett.

We wish you a pleasant review process and successful accounting using Xenett.

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