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Task management features

Create custom fields

Make the task management more efficient and organized with custom field functionality that supports various field types like URL, dropdown, label, and more. Customize the fields according to your specific requirements and project needs.

Create custom field screen
Recurring tasks screen

Create recurring tasks

Make your routine accounting tasks quick and easy with our automated scheduling feature. Set tasks to repeat weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually, and effortlessly cross them off your list.

Create subtasks and a checklist

Create subtasks and checklists to break down complex accounting processes into manageable steps. Manage your to-do lists in an organized and efficient way and keep your accounting process in order.

Subtasks and checklist Screen

Optimize your task management process

From chaos to clarity: Take control of your tasks and dominate your goals

Enable task privacy

Keep your task details and communications confidential between the task creator and the assignee. Using private mode, securely create and assign tasks without worrying about the work being seen by people not involved.

Task privacy feature screen
create templates screen

Create templates

Create templates and set them automatically recurring for routine activities such as onboarding, payroll, and monthly bookkeeping for each client, saving valuable time.

Time tracking

Get a better understanding of your team's workload with a time-tracking system. A comprehensive overview of estimated and actual task completion times, allowing for effective team management and strategic planning to ensure tasks are timely.

time tracking screen

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