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Yeti Books

Xenett's brilliant review solution helped Yeti Books speed up their close process by 80%

karen kruse owner of yeti books


Accounting, payroll, and taxation services.


To deploy a solution that seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Online and streamlines your review process, giving you clean, compliant books.

Why Xenett

  • Needed a simple-to-implement yet comprehensive review solution that was easy to use and ensured minimal time to value.
  • Sought a system that integrates well with QuickBooks Online, identifies errors and discrepancies, and makes the overall closing process less cumbersome and more transparent.
  • Desired insight and flexibility in re-aligning staff responsibilities and shifting resources while improving team efficiency.


  • Reduced review time by 4 days during the close process.
  • Fast-track solution to the regular review process with minimal to no training, simple implementation, and streamlined speedy reviews.
  • More confidence in numbers with clean-compliant books throughout.
  • Added more clients to the network by saving time per client using our intelligent automated solution.

Yeti Books has been an amazing service provider for a decade, offering organized and affordable bookkeeping and payroll services that help eliminate unnecessary accounting headaches for home service business owners.

While they provide payroll and tax solutions to many business owners, managing time and structuring the accounting processes can become a challenge.

Yeti Books was drowning in the long working hours, complex mechanisms, and erroneous books while trying to protect owners from the scary bookkeeping.

It was time to facilitate change in the team, and they needed a system/software that was organized and comprehensive.

That’s when Xenett stepped in.

The Solution

Xenett is a comprehensive, real-time review solution that helps accountants maintain super-accurate books, effortlessly, without any unnecessary complexities.

With 5000+ accountants using Xenett and saving plenty of time on a regular basis, it has become a constant component in the workflow for many.

How Xenett’s brilliant review solution helped Yeti Books gain efficiency at work. 

“Initially, the transition from a manual review system to an automated review system appeared daunting to the team, but as soon as we came in contact with Xenett’s support team, it was a big relief since they were collaborative.”

Xenett Xenett is highly intuitive and does not require a lot of training. It was easy to implement and quick, to begin with. The dashboard gives a quick overview of the health of a client’s books, which aids in determining the right quote based on the volume of transactions. 

“When we slid our first client file into Xenett we were shocked with the number of errors flagged, and our books seemed so messy at the time. It was overwhelming, but gradually spending 2-3 minutes daily in Xenett did the job for us. It spotted discrepancies, duplicate entries, and misclassifications that we had never thought of in real-time.” 

Since Yeti Books had a wide base of clients, it was increasingly difficult to manage time and review every client’s file. With its robust engine, Xenett identified and flagged all the inconsistencies within seconds, which saved a lot of time, cumulatively almost 60+ hours. Xenett swiftly integrates with QuickBooks Online, and that prevented the accountants from juggling between applications. Bookkeepers now only have to spend 2-3 minutes a day resolving errors within QuickBooks Online. 

With greater confidence in numbers, accountants were able to shift their focus from solely bookkeeping to providing valuable insights and insightful reporting, which added even more value to their business.

“Material inconsistencies were easily tracked and resolved, deadlines were met, and there was room for more clients to be onboarded. All-in-all, Xenett was a savior. Brownie points to their support team, who are available whenever in need.”