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Royer Accounting

Royer Accounting just reduced their review time by 50 hours last month by using Xenett.

andrew royer owner of royer accounting


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  • Absence of an efficient automated review system.
  • No real-time review to identify errors and inconsistencies, which delayed the month-end close process.
  • Managing multiple applications and juggling between reports for reviewing and analyzing data.
  • Duplication of work and inefficient controls.  

Why Xenett:-

  • Needed a unified solution swiftly integrated with their accounting software that will review clients' books in real-time.
  • A centralized application that is simple and easy to use that auto-detects errors and ensures clean books every day and will help prevent delays.

Solutions provided:-

  • A real-time review system that flags errors there and then for you to fix them.
  • Flexibility to review within your accounting software to prevent the struggle of managing multiple applications.
  • Advanced settings such as search options, and customized filters, to save plenty of your time every single day.
  • Winning clients over with more confidence in numbers, extracting clean, accurate books.
  • A 24*7 customer support service that is ready to solve your queries as early as possible.


  • 70% reduction in time for reviewing client files
  • 99% data accuracy
  • 3X speed in reviewing clients' books and a faster review process.
  • A constant flow of real-time information, to keep accurate books at all times.
  • Seamless experience
  • Accurate and decision-ready information at every level

Royer Accounting is an excellent accounting firm that educates and empowers clients' understanding of their numbers and explains the real-world implications of their finances.

They were managing multiple applications and juggling between reports for reviewing and analyzing data, and that's where Xenett could play a part.

Xenett helped streamline and simplify the review process, fetching them clean data to review and gain valuable insights on their numbers.

What Andrew had to say!

"It's overwhelming how Xenett is finding mistakes we never thought we could make and has improved our quality of books. Brownie points to their customer support, which respond super quick."
"It has allowed me to transfer work to the staff, who now have access to clean data, and it takes less time for me to review. The quality of books has also improved dramatically."