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Patricia Grimes

Xenett helped her maintain super-accurate books effortlessly, without any unnecessary complexities.

Patricia Grimes


Accounting services


The goal is to implement a solution that will enable her to achieve high proficiency and accuracy during the review process.


  • She has been running her own business and was the only one to look at the client's books 
  • Needed a second set of eyes to review the books the clients
  • Wanted to Improve accuracy and efficiency


  • Catches all the errors and discrepancies in the clients’ books 
  • Super responsive to any suggestion 
  • Experiences a high level of review proficiency
  • Empowers accountants to focus on other value-added services 

The Solution

Xenett is a comprehensive, real-time review solution that helps accountants maintain super-accurate books effortlessly, without any unnecessary complexities.

With 5000+ accountants using Xenett and saving plenty of time regularly, it has become a constant component in the workflow for many.

What Patricia had to say!

Patricia Grimes owns Tricia grimes CPA PLLC. They provide a full range of accounting, bookkeeping, consulting, payroll, and business services.

Patricia says that as a business owner managing clients' books, I highly value Xenett, as it has been a complete game-changer. This software has been like having a second set of eyes, helping me identify errors and mistakes in my clients' books, saving time and effort, and increasing my  accuracy.

Xenett is super responsive and listens to all suggestions given to it. Additionally, constantly upgrading and developing new solutions is a significant benefit, ensuring that Xenett remains a relevant and innovative tool for my business.

I highly recommend Xenett to other business owners who manage their clients' books, as it has greatly simplified and enhanced her work processes.