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Jessica Toews

Xenett has been added to their must-used application as it eliminates the time-consuming review checks.

Jessica Toews


Bookkeeping services


The objective is to reduce manual effort and increase productivity by implementing tools and processes that streamline accounting tasks and reduce the risk of errors.


Xenett has been added to their must-use application.
It highlights all the errors immediately instead of digging around
Changes made in Xenett auto syncs with QuickBooks Online & Xero
It ensure the current entries are consistent and correct.

The Solution:

Xenett is a comprehensive, real-time review solution that helps accountants maintain super-accurate books effortlessly, without any unnecessary complexities.

With 5000+ accountants using Xenett and saving plenty of time regularly, it has become a constant component in the workflow for many.

What Jessica had to say!

Jessica from Pronto Bookkeeping offers bookkeeping services for low-volume to large-volume companies and reporting and advisory services to their clients.

Xenett is a valuable addition to our must-use application list. This software utilizes the transactional history to ensure the accuracy and consistency of current entries.

It promptly highlights missing or erroneous entries, eliminating the need for time-consuming quality reviews. Xenett provides a range of standard checks that can be performed individually, with completed items tracked and notes made for the second reviewer. 

Additionally, any transaction corrections are automatically synced to QuickBooks Online.

One standout feature is the ability to add custom reports or checks specific to each client, making it an all-in-one solution for monthly reviews. Another favorite is the bulk reclassification of transactions between projects, a feature not available in QuickBooks Online. 

Xenett's automated duplicate report system also detects and alerts us to any potential duplicate expenses or unpaid bills resulting from automatic data entry.

The support team at Xenett is exceptional, providing round-the-clock assistance to help our team whenever we encounter any issues.

Overall, we highly recommend Xenett to other businesses, as it has significantly streamlined our accounting processes and increased our efficiency here at contour books.