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The Impact of Xenett on Year-End Close

The Impact of Xenett on Year-End Close

The Impact of Xenett on Year-End Close

The year-end close is the final test for accountants. This is the time of year when the essential skill set of an accountant is revealed, and everyone is tested as an accountant. We obtain multiple assignments as accountants. Throughout the year, however, it is nothing in comparison to the tasks we are expected to accomplish during the year's end close. Year-end close is typically stressful and chaotic for any accountant. However, many accounting companies utilize innovative solutions to help them stay productive and stress-free during the stressful year-end closure.

In this blog, we will discuss one such tool that has a significant influence on the year-end close. An intelligent tool that has dramatically transformed the way we manage accounting activities.

1. Jessica Toews

Jessica Toews, owner of Pronto Bookkeeping, tells Xenett about her success in reducing year-end close operations. Jessica's team's accounting entries are more accurate and consistent because of Xenett's real-time review solution. The software's automatic error identification reduces the need for time-consuming quality checks, resulting in a smooth year-end closure.

Contour Books' productivity has grown dramatically as a result of Xenett's ability to sync with QuickBooks Online and Xero, as well as capabilities like custom reporting and bulk categorization. Jessica praised Xenett's automated duplication report mechanism and the outstanding support staff, describing it as a wonderful addition to their must-use program list.

2. Patricia Grimes

Patricia Grimes, owner of Tricia Grimes CPA PLLC, tells Xenett about her experience with upgrading review processes for her accounting services. Patricia experienced difficulties in assuring correctness and efficiency as the lone reviewer of her client's books.

Xenett was a game changer, acting as a second set of eyes that methodically detects mistakes and anomalies in customers' records. Patricia applauds Xenett's responsiveness to recommendations, emphasizing the tool's regular modifications that make it new and current. Patricia strongly recommends Xenett to other company owners who manage their clients' books because it allows them to focus on value-added services. She recognizes the tremendous influence it has on simplifying and improving work procedures.

3. Woodennickel Solutions Inc.

Woodennickel Solutions Inc., which specializes in full-service bookkeeping for medical offices, charities, and allied groups, had a rise of clients following Covid-19, making managing their finances difficult in a remote work environment. They turned to Xenett, a user-friendly and simple-to-setup close management system, in search of a simplified and structured review process.

Xenett was a game changer, establishing a previously impossible level of precision. The software's straightforward design, along with its ability to highlight possible difficulties and offer real-time information, considerably enhanced Woodennickel's accountants' efficiency and productivity. Xenett's standardized procedure linked team objectives, simplifying, organizing, and speeding up the year-end close process, eventually saving time and improving the quality and correctness of their books.

4. Yeti Books

Yeti Books, a respected service provider that provides bookkeeping and payroll services to home service company owners, had difficulties due to lengthy working hours, complicated procedures, and incorrect books. They turned to Xenett, a complete, real-time review tool, for a change to streamline their operations. The move from manual to automated review felt less onerous with Xenett's assistance.

Yeti Books' review process was altered by Xenett's straightforward nature, easy implementation, rapid setup, and seamless interface with QuickBooks Online. The dashboard of the program gave a fast snapshot of clients' book health, enabling effective pricing based on transaction volume. Xenett's powerful engine recognized mistakes, inconsistencies, and misclassifications in real time, saving over 60 hours in total.

Accountants were able to transfer their emphasis from basic bookkeeping to delivering meaningful insights and reporting, eventually contributing more value to their organization as a result of this efficiency. Yeti Books hails Xenett as a lifesaver, with special emphasis given to the amazing support crew, which is always on hand when needed.

5. Royer Accounting

Royer Accounting, a prestigious accounting business dedicated to teaching and empowering customers about their financial data, was confronted with difficulties due to an inefficient automated review system, delayed month-end closure processes, and managing various apps. They went to Xenett for a unified solution that could be connected with their accounting software.

Royer Accounting's review process was considerably expedited by Xenett's real-time review system, which included sophisticated options and configurable filters. The results were excellent, with a 70% decrease in review time, 99% data correctness, and a 3X improvement in speed when evaluating clients' books. Xenett supplied a continuous supply of real-time information, ensuring that all books were accurate and decision-ready at all times. 

Royer Accounting's success was aided further by the frictionless experience and 24*7 customer service. According to Andrew, Xenett's capacity to discover errors and increase the quality of books has been astonishing, with a noticeable improvement in the review process's speed.

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What makes Xenett so special?

These are just a few examples of how Xenett has impacted the year-end close process and the growth of its accounting company. There are several such success stories in which Xenett has substantially influenced the year-end and month-end closing procedures.

You may be asking what is so remarkable about this tool that significantly influences the year-end close process and stands out as the most crucial tool for the year-end close process. "It's all about the quality of the features Xenett has," says the response. Xenett's revolutionary features make it a unique tool for many accounting companies. The features ease year-end closing activities and assist you in completing them on time, accurately, and efficiently.

The bottom line

Xenett has had a significant influence on the year-end close tasks of any practice company, tax firm, accounting team, or individual freelancer. Xentt also offers a Chrome browser plugin that works within Xero and QuickBooks accounts. It simply means that you won't have to move between programs as frequently.

Xenett indicates errors in your books in real-time, so you don't have to waste time reviewing the entire book for errors. Furthermore, Xenett's close module has a variety of useful features that make it easy to manage closing tasks. What are you waiting for on this blog if you've made it this far? Schedule a demo call right now to get started.

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