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From Autoreview To Xenett- The Journey

From Autoreview To Xenett- The Journey

Roadmap of Xenett autoreview

For the longest, I can recall our primary goal has been to minimize the challenges transpiring in the accounting industry. The juggling between reports, organizing the cluster of data, and reviewing the same sheets for accuracy, all of this calls for manual repetitive work, but that’s not all. There are other essential prerequisites to add to our miseries, for instance, keeping in sync with the latest developments, having an eye for detail, meeting client demands, and non-negotiable deadlines.

Don’t worry, I’m an accountant myself, and in no case do I intend to demoralize you. Instead, we planned to create a platform that will pump up your practice, add value to your services transform your everyday day at work.

We started off with “Autoreview” in the year 2020’ which streamlined the whole review process for the accountants. We saved countless hours, served accountants across the globe, and earned their trust. Their confidence in us was enough motivation to take a leap forward and work on our very dream of evolving as accountants.

What’s Xenett?

Xenett is our new baby after Autoreview which will accomplish our very mission “To build an ecosystem that empowers accountants to become more productive and scalable”.

There are countless complex processes, inefficient accounting practices, and tasks that need better-automated solutions. At Xenett, we’re committed and determined to transform such complexities into innovative, customized solutions.

More precisely, our goal is: All for one, one for all.

What does “All for one, one for all” mean: Xenett will be a complete tool-kit for accountants and bookkeepers that aims to bring all major activities i.e practice management, client collaborations, reviewing solutions, and communication processes under one roof.

Meet the 3-Musketeers

Xenett AutoReview (formerly called Autoreview)

Our very first product helped thousands of accountants increase their confidence in clients’ data by detecting errors automatically and streamlining the review process.

Xenett Port 

A software that allows you to import, export, and delete your XLS/XLSX/CSV file transactions quickly in QuickBooks Online, giving you complete control of the import process.

Lastly, Xenett Hub 

A cloud-based practice management solution tailored to help firms better manage their practice, organize client documents, communicate, and streamline lengthy processes, thus improving the team’s efficiency. Enhance the ease of doing business between you, your staff, and clients.

Once the Xenett Port and Hub are launched, you’ll experience the power of the three clubbed together on a single platform. You’ll get a new, single-view dashboard with client data from all the products together in one place to help provide quicker client insights.

Believe me, it’s going to be revolutionary!

Why Xenett?

Now more than ever, professionals need one single platform to manage their practice efficiently, boost productivity, and scale faster. We believe accountants and bookkeepers can certainly be perfect and beyond, and we assist them in excelling in what they do. Our mission is to empower accountants and create an ecosystem for them to be productive and scalable. Hence, Xenett. It’s that simple.

What’s next?

We’re proud to help make accountants and bookkeepers, the businesses they advise, more profitable, productive, and powerful, and their practice more efficient and scalable.

We’re excited to start the next chapter with you.


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