Features That Drive Results


Automated error detection
Smart search
Custom review points
Corrective suggestions


Dashboard for close status
Close checklist
Review notes
Workpapers attachment
Prepare/Reviewer Sign off
Reconciliation Discrepancy

Client Portal

Transactional questions
Non-transactional questions
Mobile responsive
Magic link
White labeling

Task management

Custom fields
Recurring tasks
Subtasks & checklists
Task privacy
Template Creating
Time tracking

Internal comments

Ask questions to colleagues
Tagging internal team member
Centralized visibility

Extension browser

Real-time error fixing
2-way synchronization
Work within QuickBooks and Xero

Our Pricing Include

Our Pricing Include

Unlimited Users icon

Unlimited Users

Avail the benefit of adding unlimited users to the Xenett application.

Unlimited Support icon

Unlimited Support

Enjoy fast replies and 25/8 support from our support champions.

Free Onboarding icon

Free migration and onboarding

Ensure a smooth onboarding & migration experience for you and your team.

Training icon


Avail the benefit of free staff training and keep your team updated with the latest.

Patricia Grimes owner of tricia grimes CPA

Patricia Grimes

@Tricia Grimes CPA

“Xenett is a total game-changer. It catches all kinds of errors, is super responsive, and offers you a higher level of review.”

Esther Friedberg Karp of EFK compubooks inc

Esther Friedbarg Karp

@EFK Compubooks Inc

“I literally cannot imagine my books or my clients' books without Xenett

Paul Burns owner of woodennickel solutions inc

Paul Burns

@Woodennickel Solutions Inc

“Having Xenett is almost like having a second set of eyes going through every detail thoroughly and faster than you could have.

Jim Stevens owner of on call accounting

Jim Stevens

@On call accounting

“It has allowed me to transfer work to the staff, who now have access to clean data, and it takes less time for me to review. The quality of books has also improved dramatically.”

Jessica Toews owner of pronto bookkeeping

Jessica Toews

@Pronto Bookkeeping

“Xenett makes sure entries are consistent and correct. I apply client-specific custom checks on reports, this way your month-end checklist is ready.

Sherri Lee Mathers of balsam way

Sherri -Lee Mathers

@Balsam Way

Xenett is like a one-two punch, accurate financials, and clean data. They've literally gone above and beyond and gamified the review process.”

Andrew Royer owner of royer accounting

Andrew Royer

@Royer Accounting

“It's overwhelming how Xenett is finding mistakes we never thought we could and has improved the quality of our books. Brownie points for their customer support who respond super quick.

kellie parks of calmwaters

Kellie Parks


“I thought I had it all covered, and then Autoreview happened. I was blown away with how it catches missing entries, unclassified transactions, and miscoded entries, all of which can make your head spin.”

Tanya Hilts owner of cloud business services

Tanya Hilts

@Cloud Business Services

“It's unbelievable how it automatically catches the errors. A staple for improving data quality, Xenett has become my new addiction.

Frequently asked questions

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I am a current Xenett user. Can I avail of this offer?

No, this offer is exclusively for new users.

Is the offer the same for both the USA and Canada?

No, the discounted price for the USA is $6 per client file, while for Canada, it's $9 per client file.

Until when is this offer valid?

The offer is valid until November 28th, 2023.

How long is the offer benefits applicable?

The benefits of this offer are valid for a duration of 3 months.

Is there any promo code for the offer?

No, there is no promo code. The Signup offer will be applied automatically once you take the demo call.